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A step-by-step, ready-to-implement, self-paced music production program for beginners.
Decode music theory, tame the music production software, spark musical ideas and compose professional tracks even if you’ve never picked an instrument. (Yes, it’s possible, but not easy.)

What I love about Music Production 101 is that it consolidates everything a beginner needs to know about music making and presents it in a super simple way. The bonuses they offer have helped me get more creative ideas without feeling stuck every time I open a DAW. And the rich feedback and support from Mayank Sir has served me well beyond the course. 

– Ajay Pawar 

Everyone loves music.
But you love it more than others do.

So much so that you want to create your own.

You’ve searched the heck out of YouTube. svgImg

You’ve downloaded the basic music production software.

Your laptop is overflowing with sample packs.

You’ve even started the hit and try process of combining these sounds to create your first track…

But your head starts spinning whenever you open the DAW (music production software) to work. You don’t know where to start or what to do with all those buttons.

Plus, you are clueless about the language of music – music theory. You can’t even talk music, let alone program it.

You are buying gear after gear to feel confident about your musical skills.

You are buying gear after gear to feel confident about your musical skills.

You feel confused and lost as scratches pile up,
gathering dust in your laptop.

But it’s not your fault, ​

You see most self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ would have you believe that all you need to be a music producer is a laptop and a DAW. 

While that may sound tempting, it’s not completely true. 

The truth is …

That no fancy plugin or impressive sound library can help you create more of your own music.

They can help you enhance it but they can’t give you the confidence you need in your musical ideas.

And that’s why you need a musician who can bring the music into music production and give it to you easily but effectively.

Hi, I am Mayank aka Moon

I’ve been playing, composing and teaching music for more than 15 years now. That’s the short of it. The longer story is that music is my 10000-hour game. I’ve done it so much and for so long that

A produced film score has found its way to 3 Cannes-nominated short films.

As a performing artist, I’ve shared the stage with RDB, and Raftaar.

I was the chief Piano Tuner for Kawai Japan for 3 years, holding the record of tuning a whooping 2000 pianos across India. I’ve tuned entire piano tech for international festivals and conservatories and worked with musicians like AR Rahman, Raphael Alexandre Lustchevsky, Karl Lutchmayer, and Jeremy Siskind.

I’ve also dabbled quite a bit into the sync licencing industry and have as of now produced (150+ tracks) for various platforms like Hoopr.

My students have consistently been top scorers in Rock School London’s Examination.

Brands and Artists I’ve partnered with :

Mayank is an amazing individual to work with. His in depth knowledge about music and swift execution has always made working on projects a joy. His work always reflects a balance of musical diversity and technical skills which has always aided towards a superior musical product.

 – Siddharth Sharma (Music Supervisor For Netflix.)

So in short, I’ve seen the good, bad and ugly and really been in the trenches long enough to know what it takes to build a career as a musician.

And I am here to let you in on a secret …

Becoming a sought-after music producer, musician or even a singer means that, you must

Have a solid grasp of basic music theory and be able to think like a musician.

Be well-versed with your DAW and (really) know the logic behind why you are applying the tools etc.

Have a repeatable process and organised workflow to keep creating music and maximising creativity.

Have a mentor to brainstorm ideas with and get critical feedback on your work.

But that’s not enough…

There’s a missing link… a secret noone is telling you…

To become a great music producer (someone like Amit Trivedi for eg) you need to expand your musical sense and make more music.

Becoming a full-time music producer takes a lot of practice and patience. But despite that, the joy of getting to make music for a living is unparalleled.

You feel proud and grateful whenever you produce music for yourself or a client.

And that’s exactly why you need to keep doing it even if it sucks right now.

Because the truth is …

You have to get the suck out of your system so you stop sucking.

Noone else can do the work for you.

But to start right, you need a method to this madness.

With Music Production 101 Accelerate you take ownership of your journey as a creator and artist

Start making your own music minus the confusion and overwhelm. It’s got everything you need to feel confident in your musical creations and create more music.

Before MP101, the DAW felt like a puzzle. Now, it’s an instrument! The course has helped me simplify the complex tools, gave me the “why” and “how” of taking a song from idea to final and unleashed my creativity. No more fear, just endless musical possibilities. And the price? An absolute steal for the value. This course is the key to removing the confusion and getting started with confidence! Can’t wait to share my first track!

  Prakhar Mishra

Get the confidence and skill to create music even if you’ve never played an instrument.

With Music Production 101 Accelerate

A Complete Music Production Program For Beginners.

MP 101 (Foundation)

recorded video training that’ll set your foundations in music theory, help you master the ins and outs of your DAW, visualise a song, record professionally, arrange your tracks, find your own sound, organise your workflow and deliver a polished song.


How To Talk and Think Like A Musician

who can construct chords and scales with a solid understanding of music theory.


How to Set Up A Budget-Friendly Home Recording Studio

and connect all your gear so you can record, mix, and master music at home.


How To Navigate Your DAW with Ease,

organise your tracks, optimise your workflow, and maximise your creative potential. No more confusion about what goes where!


How To Write Melodies Like a Pro

Grasp the magic of MIDI programming, mastering the piano roll to write your own captivating chord progressions and melodies.


Layer Your Sounds to Perfection by

adding depth and character to your track Discover the secrets to sonic richness!


How To Create Rock powerful drum patterns

that become the heartbeat of your music.


How To Lay Down the Bass by

design your own basslines that groove and complement your compositions.


How To Record Like a Pro to

capture vocals and instruments flawlessly. Record Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, and Electric Guitar/Bass


How To Amplify Your Creativity with Loops and Samples,

without losing the vision for your song.


How to Arrange Your Song

into a cohesive structure, leaving listeners captivated.


How To Get That Spotify Ready Song

without losing the vision for your song.

A Lot More………

The Fasttrack Bundle

7 Cheatsheets To Shortcut and Your Learning and Crush The Artist Block.


Chord Chart Sheet

Spark your songwriting with this ready-to-use Chord Chart Sheet with 90 chord progressions across different genres.


Drum Pattern Sheet

Build dynamic rhythms instantly with diverse pre-made drum loops inside this Drum Pattern Sheet.


Chord Chart Sheet

Learn the secret sauce of making your instruments sound huge and separated in the mix with this handy Panning Guide Sheet.


Preset Sheets

Skip the tweaking and save your time. Get a head start on sound design with these awesome pre-made Preset Sheet with 20+ settings for instruments and effects.


Copyright-Free sound

Spice up your sounds and Add a unique flavour to your music with these 120+ Copyright-Free sound bites like drum hits, weird noises, and cool textures.


350 Term Glossary

Ever heard a music term that sounds like gibberish? This 25-page and 350-term glossary will help you talk the talk so you can finally understand how the industry communicates.


A 30 min video guide on how to apply everything you learn to other DAWs like Ableton, FL if needed. (The course applies to all DAWS. This covers minor technical differences so you don’t get stuck)

Valued at Rs 4999/- but ABSOLUTELY FREE when you enrol!

You are not alone. Share your work, get peer reviews, and feel supported with access to a private  Whatsapp Group.

And now, for the real value bomb…

Wait what? There’s more?

12 Live Office Hour Group Sessions

Watch me work live on real client projects.

Dissect famous songs and reverse engineer their production process with me.

get to ask questions, clear doubts and even share your music live with the group.

*We meet once every month (on the 3rd Tuesday) for 60-90 minutes over Zoom. These sessions will be recorded, and you’ll get access to all the recordings for the next 12 months at no extra cost.

₹1000 per session x 12 = ₹12000

2 x 1:1 Intensive Coaching Sessions With Me

to get feedback on your tracks, discuss any challenge you are facing and build a roadmap for growth.

Note: The best time to have these sessions would be once you’ve completed the foundation module and started some work on your DAW. I want you to get the best out of our time together, that’s why I need you to send me a screenshot that you’ve completed the course and have at least 1 DAW session you are working on. These sessions will be recorded and you’ll get access to the recordings for no extra cost.

2 x 1:1 Session Price = ₹5,000

Total Price: ₹27,000

But hey, I’ve been where you are now, and I really want you to succeed without burning a hole in your pocket.

So I am going to give you all this at 10% … 20%…. 40%… 60%…

At a whopping 80% discount!!!

Final Price = ₹27000 ₹5399/-

Before MP101, the DAW felt like a puzzle. Now, it’s an instrument! The course has helped me simplify the complex tools, gave me the “why” and “how” of taking a song from idea to final and unleashed my creativity. No more fear, just endless musical possibilities. And the price? An absolute steal for the value. This course is the key to removing the confusion and getting started with confidence! Can’t wait to share my first track!

 – Kuldip Singh

MP101 Accelerator is where you get the confidence and skill to create music over and over again, even if you’ve never played an instrument.

Watch me work live on real client projects.

Start and finish tracks without wanting to pull your hair.

Eliminate confusion by organising your workflow.

Unlock your creativity with the Fasttrack bundle.

Be bold and take creative decisions minus the guesswork.

This course is for you if you

And if that’s not you, I urge you to step back and let this go. This won’t work for you

Take the confusion and overwhelm out of the music-making process and kickstart your music career with MP101

MP101 Foundation

₹10,000 ₹3499/-

MP101 Accelerator

₹27,000 ₹5499/-

14-Day Money-Back Guaranteeur music career with MP101

Sonic Field provides a 14-day money-back guarantee if Music Production for Beginners (MP101) fails to meet your expectations.

You can purchase the course, watch the videos, and begin producing music. Send us a screenshot of course completion and a link to the project you have worked on with a refund request, and you’ll receive a full refund without any questions.

MP101 is completely risk-free.


Yes, Music Production 101 provides access to a WhatsApp community where you can share your work, receive peer reviews, and engage socially with fellow students. This community adds a supportive element to your learning journey.

For the basic course content (i.e 18 videos + 6+1 bonuses and whatsapp community) you’ll get lifetime access and any future updates or additions to the content. For the live group and 1:1 sessions, you’ll need to upgrade after 12 months from the date of purchase.

Sonic Field offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. If Music Production 101 fails to meet your expectations, you can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Simply send us a screenshot of course completion and a link to the project you’ve been working on to initiate the refund process.

Not necessarily, but having access to an instrument (e.g., keyboard) can be helpful.

The course uses Logic Pro since it’s the industry standard DAW, but the concepts taught are applicable to most popular software. Specific DAW-related details might vary depending on chosen software.

Beginner includes the core video lessons and bonus resources.

Accelerate includes everything in Beginner plus:

  • 12 live group sessions with the trainer
  • 2 x 40-minute private sessions with the trainer for personalised feedback.

Beginner is ideal if you prefer a laid-back, self-paced learning experience.

Accelerate is recommended if you are serious about improving fast and want in-depth feedback and exposure to industry secrets.

The course is self-paced, so you can take as much or as little time you want. The video lessons total over 4 hours, but you’ll also spend time practising and completing assignments.

No prior experience is necessary. The course starts with the basics and builds your skills step-by-step.

You’ve scrolled this far, read testimonials, and even peeked at the FAQs. That tells me one thing: you’re serious about mastering music production. You’re done with scattered tips and yearn for a structured, results-driven path.

Imagine facing the DAW with confidence, crafting polished tracks, and unleashing your creativity without hesitation. That’s the power waiting for you inside MP101 Accelerator.

But this limited-time offer with its 80% discount and exclusive bonuses won’t last forever. Spots in the live sessions and 1:1 coaching are filling up fast.

Click “Enroll Now” and claim your spot today! Remember, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee, so there’s absolutely no risk. This is your moment to turn your musical dreams into reality. Seize it!